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Urgent Construction Updates

Construction Projects – July & August

Lot 28 Repairs • Parking Lot 28, located between the World Theater and Cinematic Arts & Technology, will be closed for repairs starting at 6:00am on Thursday 7/18 and will re-open at 6:00am on Monday 7/22.

• Work will include removal and replacement of deteriorating asphalt and re-striping of the entire lot. You can expect some noise from heavy equipment and potential odors from asphalt on 7/18 and 7/19.

• Parking is available in Lot 13, Lot 29, Lot 42, and Lot 59. ADA parking is available in Lot 19 near the Library. Enter Lot 19 through Lot 13 on 6th Avenue.

Electrical Maintenance – Power Outages

• Preventative maintenance to the electrical distribution system will be performed on Saturday 7/20 and Sunday 7/21 from 6:00am-4:30pm both days. This work will cause a one-time brief (less than 30 minute) power outage at several campus buildings. The brief outage may occur at any time during the scheduled work windows. Impacted buildings are:

  • Bldg 1: Administration
  • Bldg 2: Playa
  • Bldg 3: Del Mar
  • Bldg 30: Music
  • Bldg 41: Telecom
  • Bldg 43: IT
  • Bldg 44: Pacific Hall
  • Bldg 45: Coast Hall
  • Bldg 46: Harbor Hall
  • Bldg 47: Student Services (only the front 1-story portion - not the 3-story portion of the building)
  • Bldg 48: World Languages South
  • Bldg 49: World Languages North
  • Bldg 50: Science Annex
  • Bldg 58: Green Hall
  • Bldg 59: Reading Center
  • Bldg 98: Meeting House
  • Bldg 902: Fieldhouse

To prepare for this power outage:

  • Pro-actively shut down computers before leaving the office on Friday 7/19 or before 6:00am on Saturday 7/20.
  • Pro-actively shut down any department-specific equipment that may be sensitive to power outages.
  • There is no need to remove items from refrigerators/freezers as the outage will be brief.

Parking Lot 508 and 23 Improvements

Lot 508 Closure for ADA Improvements (Lot 508): July 5th through 31st we will be closing the portion of Lot 508 closest to Beach Hall. On Friday, July 5th the Beach Hall front entry concrete will be demolished and re-poured . There will be very limited entry access to the Beach Hall Friday July 5th. Access to entry will be restored by Monday, July 8th; however, construction work will be occurring in front of the building so please stay alert and abide by fencing in place for safety. We will be re-grading the parking lot, putting in drainage improvements and additional ADA stalls. Work will include heavy equipment beeping, concrete trucks in the area, jack hammering at times, and minor alterations to route of entry and around the building.

Lots 23 & 508 Closure for Slurry & Striping Phase 1: On the weekend of July 27-28th Lot 23 and the portion of Lot 508 will be closed to slurry and stripe the parking lots. This work has been scheduled on the weekend to minimize disruption. Lots to be re-opened on Monday, July 29th.

Lot 508 Closure for Slurry & Striping Phase 2: On the weekend of August 3rd-4th we will slurry and stripe the portion of Lot 508 that has been the staging area for Academic III. We will also be demolishing the temporary drive from Engineer Lane and re-establishing the original primary entrance to Lots 23 & 508. Again, this work has been scheduled on the weekend to minimize disruption. All lots to be re-opened on Monday, August 5th.

5th Avenue Roundabout Closed: 6/3/19 to 8/18/19

  • Starting Monday June 3, 2019, the 5th Avenue Roundabout (by the Library) will be fenced off to allow for utility work in the street
  • During this time, pedestrians will still have access to all buildings in the area. However, pedestrians should follow posted signs for detour routes around the fencing.
  • The extended fencing is expected to last until August 18, 2019.
  • During the work, no vehicles will have access to 5th Avenue, A Street (between the roundabout and 6th Avenue), or Divarty street (between Lot 208 and the Roundabout).
  • Please use caution when walking in the area, and do not attempt to enter any fenced areas.
  • Note that ADA accessible parking is still available in Lot 19 (adjacent to Library). Please enter Lot 19 via Lot 13 on 6th Avenue. Additional parking is also available In Parking Lots #106 & 107
Pedestrian detours near 5th Avenue Roundabout
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