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Check out the latest construction and demolition projects to see what's happening right now and in the near future.

Construction and Safety

Safety is the top priority of any construction project. Click the button below to learn more about safety when near a construction site on campus.

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Academic III

A new academic building is coming to campus! This project (home for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) continues to fulfill our campus vision for growth in our Comprehensive Master Plan. The site for the new building is in the large parking lot west of the Gambord Business and Information Technology Building (Lot 508).

  • Site operations started in August 2017 with start of major construction in October 2017
  • The building is scheduled for completion in time for the Fall 2019 semester
  • Academic III will house the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS)
  • The 48,000 GSF building will house department offices, interdisciplinary classrooms and special instruction spaces, faculty offices, spaces for student and faculty engagement and encounters. This building will have indoor and outdoor gathering spaces and gallery spaces and is being designed to meet LEED Gold standards.
  • Link to a current site photo:

On July 26th a beam signing ceremony was performed to signify the structural steel going up. We invited everyone that was involved with the project - the campus, design team and construction teams. You can see a video here.

CEQA Documents

Academic III - Finding of Consistency

BIG Demo

  • This project consists of the demolition of all remaining abandoned and derelict former Army structures within the footprint of CSUMB
  • Demolition started in April 2016 and will continue through 2018
  • Phases:
    • Phase 1: Complete
    • Phase 2: Complete
    • Phase 3: 5 Buildings - Between A St & B St, 6th Ave & 7th Ave
    • Phase 4: All other unoccupied buildings & structures

Demolition Presentation

This presentation is a pictorial that will answer most questions about:

  • How demolition is done
  • What safety controls are used and how they work
  • Which buildings will be demolished
  • Noise
phases of the demolition project and which buildings will be demolished

Student Union

The proposed Student Union building will provide a new Student Union building adjacent to the existing Student Center Building. The proposed 70,000 GSF building will house activity spaces, meeting rooms, lounges, food service space, bookstore, retail space, student government club and organization space and administrative and support spaces. The building shall be designed and constructed to meet LEED Silver certification requirements. Construction is anticipated to start in Summer 2018 with expected completion in 2020.

A rendering of the Student Union building from the Main Quad

A rendering of the Student Union building from the Main Quad

A rendering of the Student Union building from Inter-Garrison

A rendering of the Student Union building from Inter-Garrison

Construction Site Activity

  • The sidewalks on all sides of Lot 12 are scheduled to close Monday, August 13, 2018 as construction fencing is installed. Pedestrians should use the sidewalk on the north side of Inter-Garrison or the protected walk along 5th avenue. Please use caution when walking in the area.
  • 5th Avenue between Inter-Garrison Road and A Street, the lot serving building 202, and the parking spaces in front of the Library are also closed for the duration of construction of the new Student Union. The new Student Union is expected to open in 2020.
  • To make up for the loss of ADA accessible parking spaces due to these closures, ADA accessible parking is now available in Lot 19 (adjacent to Library). Please enter Lot 19 via Lot 13 on 6th Avenue.

CEQA Documents

Student Union - 2007 EIR Addendum

Proposed Projects

Monterey Bay Charter School

The Monterey Bay Charter School (MBCS) is a County of Monterey public, non-profit charter school with 501(c)(3) status. As part of the MBCS goal to support diversity and accessibility, the MBCS is proposing to relocate from its two existing locations Pacific Grove and Seaside to a more central location on the Monterey Peninsula on the California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) campus on the former Fort Ord, in Monterey County, California.

The proposed approximately 18-acre site would provide the required space for approximately 60,000 square feet of classrooms and support facilities and accommodate up to 508 kindergarten through eighth grade (K-8) students, which would allow for the consolidation of the two existing and separate campus locations as well as accommodate the growth from 362 students to 508.

Proposed Monterey Bay Charter School 18-acre site plan

CEQA Documents

Final Initial Study / Mitigated Negative Declaration

Mitigation Monitoring & Reporting Program

Completed Projects

  • 8th Avenue and Inter-Garrison Road roundabout
  • 7th Avenue realignment
  • Lot 59 consolidated parking
  • BIG Demo Phase II
  • Inter-Garrison Road bike buffer
  • 6th Avenue and A Street intersection improvements

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