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Building Codes and Permits

California State University (CSU) is responsible for the enforcement of building codes for all CSU facilities. All areas and members of the campus community - including all contractors and agents who do business with the University or on University property - are subject to code compliance and enforcement. All CSU construction and renovation work requires formal, written building official approval prior to the erection, construction, reconstruction, installation, alteration or moving of any building or structure.

At CSUMB, the responsibility of determining code compliance, developing and enforcing the campus' building permit process, and coordinating required external agency approvals falls with the Deputy Building Official (DBO) within the Department of Campus Planning and Development. The current DBO for CSUMB is Kathleen Ventimiglia, AIA, Director of Campus Planning and Development.

In light of this legal responsibility, the CSUMB Department of Campus Planning and Development is committed to providing information and assistance to all members of the campus community in achieving code compliance and project success. We encourage all questions and requests for assistance so that together we can continue to provide a safe and successful environment for the University.

Campus Planning & Development

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