College of Business

Sustainable Hospitality Management

B.S. Sustainable Hospitality Management

The B.S. Sustainable Hospitality Management degree program provides students with a broad foundation in hospitality, sustainability, leadership and management, operations, marketing, and information technology. Sustainable Hospitality Management majors develop skills and understanding in hospitality business management that incorporates planet, people, profit, ethics, and equity with a concentration in either sustainable hotel, resort, and event management or sustainable ecotourism management.


  • Sustainable Hotel, Resort and Event Management
  • Sustainable Ecotourism Management

The major provides students with local, regional, and global perspectives on current and pressing sustainability issues and problems within the hospitality industry.

The central core of the program focuses on "sustainability plus", going beyond sustainability to address issues in terms of the five-dimension lens of People, Ethics, Equity, Planet and Profit.

Students gain hands-on knowledge and skills needed to pursue careers in hospitality, including hotels, restaurants, resorts, festivals and events, ecotourism, attractions, and eco recreation with a focus on "green" jobs in business and industry.