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Otter Eats

What is Otter Eats?

Otter Eats is a new program that alerts CSUMB students to free-food opportunities on campus. It is an opt-in texting feature in which students receive texts that briefly describe the location, time and what food items are available. The opportunities are meant to be rather immediate so the texts will generally go out within the hour that that the food is available.

How do students opt-in?

Opt-in to be notified when there is available food by texting EATS to 76626. Subscribers remain anonymous and will only be communicated with Otter EATS notifications.

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Examples of opportunities texted via Otter Eats

  • Associated Students (AS) Food Pantry Days
  • Leftover food at events
  • Any campus event that is open to all students with food available

Otter Eats guidelines for student participants

Otter EATS welcomes all students through the opt-in text feature. In order for the program to continue the following guidelines must be adhered to:

  • Students are guests of the host of the event
  • The food put out is all that is available
  • Food is available for the last 20 minutes of the event
  • One, clean plate per person each time food is obtained
  • Food is to be consumed on site (there are no to-go's)

Basic Needs