Which websites will the Web Accessibility team work on within CSUMB.EDU?

This team will initially only deal with department websites, both academic and administrative. This will mostly deal with csumb.edu websites, but a small number of websites are published off-campus (i.e. Google Sites, Weebly).

When do we have to comply?

All sites must be compliant by June 1, 2010 (formerly May 15, 2009). See coded memorandum AA-2009-19.

What is it we have to do?

What does federal or state law say? Federal law is Section 508 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act. State law is Section 11135 of the California Government Code, which was amended (Senate Bill 302, Chapter 784, Statutes of 2003) to clarify that Section 508 applies to the CSU.

These are the checkpoints in the 508 law that we have to use.

What about sites like CMS Student (PeopleSoft)?

We plan to work with vendors to make those kinds of sites accessible, but they depend on when their contract gets renewed. At that point we can enforce accessibility standards.

What about iLearn?

iLearn is already quite accessible, but faculty can still put in inaccessible content. That's being handled by the Instructional Materials Planning team.