The AS Senate is the legislative governing body of the Associated Students, otherwise known as the AS Board of Directors. Even if a student is not a voting member of the Senate, anyone is always welcome to voice out their concerns, stay involved, and be informed of the actions that the AS Senate executes on their behalf.

To submit an agenda item, please contact Esteban Castillo, AS Vice President of University Affairs at with your name, organization, and details about what you would like to discuss.

Francis Everman

College of Health Sciences and Human Services Senator
Serves as a resource for students within CHSHS.

I am a transfer student and Collaborative Health and Human Services major. It is my honor to represent the needs and opinions of our college. CHSHS students share a commitment to the health of our communities. It is my goal to use this shared passion to unite our college and bring students together, so that we can collaboratively make improvements to our campus. I can’t wait to work with you!

Francis Everman
Maddy Maurer, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Senator

Maddy Maurer

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Senator
Organizes and facilitates meetings between students and faculty within CAHSS.
As the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Senator I represent students at the administrative level to advocate for better major-specific resources. I will enable positive change and growth within our college. I will accomplish this by building on our former senator’s model of a CAHSS council; connecting students from our college’s diverse majors to both determine basic expectations across all majors, and address major-specific needs. Individual goals I have for my position include collaborating with CSUMB Career Development to host a career fair catering specifically to CAHSS, and connecting students with already existing CAHSS programs and resources.

Chris Riggin

College of Business Senator
Bridges the gap between College of Business students and its administrators.
I am an older student that has finally gotten the opportunity to return to school. I am a transfer student from Fresno, CA. I am here to be a resource for getting student concerns to the right people. The College of Business staff and student organizations sponsor many beneficial events throughout the school year and my goal is to increase the student participation in those events.
Chris Riggin, College of Business Senator
Kate Ingram, Science Senator

Kate Ingram

College of Science Senator
Addresses academic concerns within the College of Science
Hi! I'm a fourth year biology major with a concentration in molecular biology, and I'm so excited to be serving as your College of Scienece senator again! I learned so much about our campus and our students last year during my first full term in Associated Students, and I can't wait to put all that I learned to use this year! I look forward to interacting with students this year to address academic concerns and make improvements on our campus together! Feel free to contact me during my office hours or email me. Go Otters!

Mikaela Motta

Undeclared Senator
Informs students on degree options.
I am a psychology major with minors in Social Work and Human Development. I came into CSUMB as an undeclared major because I was unsure of what my options were and did not know which major best suited me. As the Senator for Undeclared Students I am aiming to educate students on what options they have and to work with students to figure out which major is best for them.
Mikaela Motta, Undeclared Senator
Annabel Negrete

Annabel Negrete

College of Education Senator
Advocates for student concerns within the College of Education.
This is my second semester at CSUMB. I am a Liberal Studies Major with a Minor in Human Development and working towards becoming a Special Education Teacher. Education is my highest priority, and I am so happy to be a part of making a difference on campus as College of Education Senator. I am ready to work towards positive changes for our College by strongly voicing our needs as hard working students, and members of our campus and community.

Michelle Vazquez

Diversity and Inclusion Senator
Advocates for campus inclusivity.
Hello fellow otters! I’m third year, first generation student majoring in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration. My previous campus involvement includes being a Resident Advisor and Title IX/DHR Ambassador for the past two years. Since being a part of underrepresented communities at CSUMB, our campus community has helped me accept, grow and live unapologetically as a queer chicanx womxn. To give back, I made it my purpose to continue the advocacy for an inclusive and equitable environment here on campus. I hope to see you around campus, events and my office hours to hear and learn your story!
Michelle Vazquez, Diversity and Inclusion Senator
Stephani Smith

Stephani Smith

Sustainability Senator
Provides solutions for a more sustainable campus environment.
I am currently a fourth year Environmental Studies major with a concentration in the Science for Sustainable Communities. I came to CSU Monterey Bay in hopes to learn more about our perceived reality and how we interact with the natural world. The Environmental Senator position allows me to apply what I’ve learned to the campus in efforts to provide a healthier and more sustainable system. I aim to be the voice of students, faculty and surrounding community members that have concerns or suggestions on ways we can further improve sustainable practices utilized here at CSUMB. I will support sustainable efforts and implement plans so that we may remain on the track of reducing greenhouse gas emissions even as student attendance increases and as the infrastructure of the campus evolves.