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The AS Senate is the legislative governing body of the Associated Students, otherwise known as the AS Board of Directors. Even if a student is not a voting member of the Senate, anyone is always welcome to voice out their concerns, stay involved, and be informed of the actions that the AS Senate executes on their behalf.

Rebecca Harbison

Rebecca Harbison pic
College of Health Sciences and Human Services Senator
Serves as a resource for students within CHSHS.

Christian Chan

Claire Larson pic
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Senator
Organizes and facilitates meetings between students and faculty within CAHSS.

Monte Rey (VACANT!)

Monte Rey pic

College of Business Senator
Represents students enrolled within the College of Business.

Antonio Hernandez

Antonio Hernandez pic
College of Science Senator
Addresses academic concerns within the College of Science.

Kelsey Nelson

Kelsey Nelson pic
College of Education Senator
Advocates for student concerns within the College of Education.

Viridiana Vidales-Anguiano

Monte Rey

Diversity and Inclusion Senator
Advocates for campus inclusivity.

Ethan Quaranta

Ethan Quaranta pic
Sustainability Senator
Provides solutions for a more sustainable campus environment.

Anna-Nicole Vasquez

Anna-Nicole Vasquez pic
Basic Needs Senator
Advocates for basic student needs.

Monte Rey (VACANT!)

Monte Rey pic

Undeclared Senator (VACANT!)
Advocates for Undeclared students.


Associated Students

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