The AS Senate is the legislative governing body of the Associated Students, otherwise known as the AS Board of Directors. Even if a student is not a voting member of the Senate, anyone is always welcome to voice out their concerns, stay involved, and be informed of the actions that the AS Senate executes on their behalf.

To submit an agenda item, please contact Jennifer Costa, AS Vice President of University Affairs with your name, organization, and details about what you would like to discuss.

Rebecca Harbison

Rebecca Harbison pic
College of Health Sciences and Human Services Senator
Serves as a resource for students within CHSHS.
Hello there! My name is Rebecca Harbison and I am a second year Kinesiology major with the goal of becoming an occupational therapist. I am honored to be serving as your College of Health Sciences and Human Services Senator for this year. My main goals for this year are to promote our college's social media to let students know of our events and unite its students. I joined AS because I want to help the students in my college and be a voice for those who feel unheard. I want students to feel that they can come talk to me whenever they need to. Whether they need advice on an issue or a shoulder to cry on, I am your student advocate. I am always here to listen and help. If you need me feel welcome to come by the AS office during my office hours or email me. Hope you all have a wonderful year!

Claire Larson

Claire Larson pic
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Senator
Organizes and facilitates meetings between students and faculty within CAHSS.
Hi! I’m Claire Larson and I’m a second year who’s majoring in Global Studies. My main job is to organize and facilitate meetings between students and faculty within the college of arts, humanities and social sciences. I’m aiming to connect students with resources that will benefit them in taking the next steps for their future career. This would include a graduate school fair and a career fair. If you have any questions, concerns, comments or ideas please feel free to reach out to me anytime!

Jaspreet Jasmine Bhardwaj

Jaspreet Bhardwaj pic
College of Business Senator
Represents students enrolled within the College of Business
Hello Otters! My name is Jasmine Jaspreet Bhardwaj, and I’m a Business Major. I’m honored for the opportunity to carry out my passion for working with students and our campus community to create positive changes that transform lives as your Business Senator. :) This year I hope to foster a campus community where every student feels connected, supported and heard. I’m also focused on career exploration and student success. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me or stop by during office hours! I’d love to chat.

Antonio Hernandez

Antonio Hernandez pic
College of Science Senator
Addresses academic concerns within the College of Science

Hey everyone! My name is Antonio Hernandez and I am a second year Molecular Biology major. I'm from Watsonville, California. I'm majoring in Molecular Biology because I want to either become a Physician Assistant or attend medical school. I love helping out others and meeting new people! I've always had a passion to help out my peers so I joined AS. I wanted some changes to improve the College of Science. As a senator, I will work to address any needs or concerns within my college, be a representative during senate meetings and converse regularly with our Dean to make sure students' voices and concerns are being addressed. Some of my goals this year is to have more representation on the Dean's Student Council to propose ideas that will improve the college or address any issues and come up with solutions, work with the other college senators to start a series of job/college fairs that will allow students to find their field of interest, offer "Pizza with the Dean", recruit guest speakers from different fields to speak to students who want to inquire about and potentially introduce pre-med/pre-vet programs to the campus. I'm always willing to hear out your needs and concerns. Always remember: I'm an advocate for you!

Annabel Negrete

Annabel Negrete pic
College of Education Senator
Advocates for student concerns within the College of Education.
I am in my senior year at CSUMB; I am a Liberal Studies Major with a Minor in Human Development and working towards becoming a Special Education Teacher. Education is my highest priority, and I am so happy to be a part of making a difference on campus as College of Education Senator. I am ready to work towards positive changes for our College by strongly voicing our needs as hard working students, and members of our campus and community.

Anisa Dunkley

Anisa Dunkley pic
Diversity and Inclusion Senator
Advocates for campus inclusivity.
I’m Anisa Dunkley, your 2018-2019 Diversity and Inclusion Senator! I’m a transfer student from the Bay Area and this will be my second year as an otter, fourth year of college. I’m studying Human Development and Family Studies, as well as Psychology. I chose these fields because, they help me make sense out of my passion, people. I love helping and meeting people! I joined Associated Students because I wanted to be a voice, and a connection for underrepresented students on campus. My goal is to help enhance and create communities for us on campus. I’m hoping to put on a variety of fun and expressive events throughout the year that intrigue different communities on campus to come together. I look forward to learning more about our otter community and serving my underrepresented peers!

Ava Faithe Castro

Ava Faithe Castro pic
Sustainability Senator
Provides solutions for a more sustainable campus environment.
Hi, My name is Ava Faithe Castro and I am serving as CSUMB's Sustainability Senator for the 2018-2019 school year. I am an Environmental Studies major with a concentration in Sustainable Communities. I am looking forward to making great strides towards campus sustainability. As senator, I advocate on behalf of the students and for green practices. My goal for the year is to create a platform for positive change by working with students on initiatives to meet the campus's Zero Waste Goals and spread healthy life habits. Feel free to contact me with concerns or ideas.

Maddy Maurer

Maddy Maurer pic
Basic Needs Senator
Advocates for basic student needs.
Hi y’all! My name is Maddy, I’m a fourth year Global Studies major and this is my third year in Associated Students. The Basic Needs Senator is a brand new position in AS, and I am so excited to serve you this year! I’ll be working on issues including food and housing security, as well as mental well-being and overall financial support. Some of my biggest roles include overseeing and managing the AS Food Pantry, and meeting regularly with our university care manager and the Basic Need Committee. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email to schedule an appointment during my office hours!

Rickie Wattanakasaem

Rickie Wattanakasaem pic
Undeclared Senator
Advocates for Undeclared students.
Hey y'all! My name is Rickie Wattanakasaem, I am a third year Collaborative Health & Human Services with a concentration in Social Work and I am from San Diego, California. I joined AS as I wanted to empower and be a main contact between students and faculty. I love to be involved throughout campus and meet so many unique individuals. I work directly with advocating for Undeclared students and students transitioning between majors, however, please feel free to reach out to me and I'd be more than glad to connect you to whoever you should contact. AS is here for you and we are ready to help. If y'all see me around campus, say "hello". Raft Up!