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Lobby Corps

What is Lobby Corps?

Lobby Corps is a board under the AS Senate that serves as a point of reference for legislative affairs as well as civic engagement. The board organizes promotional information about current legislation pertaining to CSUMB students and also informs the Senate on legislation as well as recommends stances to take.

Lobby Corps shall also serve as a student-driven coalition to advocate on behalf of all students at a local, state, and federal government level through attendance at relevant meetings (when possible) with the AS President as well as the AS Vice President of External Affairs.

The Lobby Corps also meets regularly with our political leaders through in-district legislative visits. Lobby Corps shall also represent CSUMB at the Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach, CA. Lobby Corps shall also promote civic engagement through voter registration, voter education events, and census (occurs every 10 years) activities.

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Lobby Corps Newsletter

What Are the Duties of the Lobby Corps?

  • Research legislation that affects higher education and CSUMB students
  • Recommend stances on legislation to AS Senate
  • Attend relevant government meetings for all levels of government
  • Represent CSUMB at the Chancellor’s Office and CSSA plenary meetings
  • Lobby for legislation through district visits with local elected officials
  • Encourage civic engagement through voter registration drives and educational events for voters

Why Should You Join the Lobby Corps?

  • Gain policy research and lobbying experience
  • Sharpen communication skills
  • Develop a wider level of leadership skills
  • Gain experience working in a professional experience

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