The Executive Board serves as an advisory board for the President of the Associated Students. The Cabinet has within it all Associated Students committees not formed by the Senate, or Senators committees.

Lauren McClain, President

Lauren McClain

Serves as the student representative on campus committees, chairs the Executive Board, and serves as a liaison to campus administration.
Hello everyone! I’m a Business Administration major with a concentration in Accounting. This is my third year in AS and my second term as President. I joined AS to get more involved on campus. Through AS, I found that I am passionate about serving others and taking on projects that make an impact in the community. This year, I will expand the AS Food Pantry and work towards institutionalizing it so that it sticks around long after I’m gone. I also plan to work towards the unification of all student organizations on campus so that we can work together to achieve our common goals. I am excited and honored to serve you for a second year as your AS President.

Nate Bond

Executive Vice President
Deals with all internal affairs and finances.
This will be my fourth year at CSUMB as a molecular biology major. Following graduation i plan on attending medical school. I joined associated students a little over a year ago because there are several opportunities for leadership development. I was interested in making an impact here on campus and felt the best way to do that would be to become an advocate for student concerns. This year I am a returning officer and have the title Executive Vice President. I enjoy the internal affairs aspects of the position and the financial side comes as a bonus. I hope to better the organization by keeping officers on track by enforcing not only our codes and bylaws but also deadlines and such. Furthermore, I hope to manage the budget in a way such that more is being spent on things that will directly benefit the students.
Nate Bond, Executive Vice President
Esteban Castillo, VP of University Affairs

Esteban Castillo

Vice President of University Affairs
Oversees the AS Senate and manages all areas of University Affairs.
I am a fourth year psychology major from San Diego, and I am the Vice President of University Affairs for the 2017-2018 academic years. ! As a student leader, I believe that it is important to have the students’ voices heard and keep everyone’s best interests at heart. I will proudly stand on behalf of the students and create more opportunities for dialogues between Residential life, AS, and the Alumni association board department. As Vice President of University Affairs, one of my goals is to innovate programs for Residential Housing Association and AS that supports the community in East campus.

Jared Reyes

Vice President of External Affairs
Deals with all legislative and external affairs as well as runs the First Year Leadership Council.
Hey! I'm your Vice President of External Affairs, here to represent CSUMB (you and all other students) at conferences to voice our ideas and concerns. Throughout this year I have a few goals. These include increasing awareness of the legislative process, to give the knowledge on how to create change. Building relations between the university and local cities, to foster a community that extends beyond the campus. Finally, I will continue to advocate for an affordable and accessible education, and other student needs. I look forward to this year of action, please reach out if you feel that there needs to be a change!
Jared Reyes, VP of External Affairs
Kim Haley, ICC Chair

Kim Haley

Chair of Inter-Club Council
Oversees all non-sports clubs.
Hi! I'm a Human Communication major with a Statistics minor. I've been a member of ICC since September 2015 and ICC Chair since October 2016. Since joining AS, I've become an extremely active student leader on campus, and I always aim to reflect the needs of student-run organizations. My goals for this academic year include better fundraising opportunities for student orgs, connecting ICC and SCC even closer to AS, and allowing for optimal resources for clubs on campus.

Hailey Edwards

Chair of Sports Club Council
Oversees all sports clubs.
I'm a fourth year Liberal Studies major and I plan on becoming an elementary school teacher. I have participated in a sports club at CSUMB since my freshman year. I become the SCC representative for the club, and interested in a position on the executive board. Last year, I was elected as the SCC President, and spent time building the executive board and sports clubs. This year, a few of my goals include strengthening the executive boards of sports clubs, increasing safety through more CPR/AED certified members, and providing more opportunities for each club to travel and compete through funding.
Hailey Edwards, SCC Chair