AS Committees meet regularly. Students may sit in during meetings and get involved in AS Affairs. Please email for more details.

Committee of the Colleges


The Committee of Colleges is a group of student leaders whose responsibility is to be the student liaison for their respected college and to bring a strong awareness of the educational desires of the students at CSUMB.

Board Charge

a. The Committee of the Colleges shall ensure student concerns are heard within each institute and academic department.

b. The Committee of the Colleges shall make recommendations on Academic Affairs to the AS, the Academic Senate, the Academic Affairs Council, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs/Provost.


a. The chair shall be voted on by members of the committee.

b. The Committee of the Colleges shall be comprised of seven (7) voting members including:

  • AS Vice President of University Affairs
  • College of Science Senator
  • College of Health Science and Human Services Senator
  • College of Education Senator
  • College of Business Senator
  • College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Senator
  • Senator for Undeclared Students

Diversity and Inclusion Committee


The Diversity & Inclusion Committee is a group of student leaders responsible for bringing the student body together through celebration and advocacy of the cultural diversity we have at California State University, Monterey Bay. The committee shall consist of students appointed to coordinate programming, awareness, and advocacy based on the cultural themed months and needs and desires of the campus community.

Board Charge

a. The Diversity & Inclusion Committee shall work to meet the diverse needs of the student body.

b. The Diversity & Inclusion Committee shall engage student involvement in the AS through cultural advocacy and identity.

c. The Diversity & Inclusion Committee shall be a resource for all students to connect with the cultural concerns through the AS.

d. The Diversity & Inclusion Committee shall coordinate with the Otter Cross Cultural Center (OC3) on collaborative efforts between AS and Student Activities & Leadership Development (SALD).


a. The Diversity & Inclusion Senator shall chair the Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

b. The Diversity & Inclusion Committee shall be comprised of volunteer members

c. There shall be one (1) designee member including:

  • Coordinator of Programming and Communications

Environmental Affairs Committee (EAC)


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The EAC shall raise awareness of environmental impact issues on campus, the surrounding community, the region and state and shall promote and advocate for sustainable organizational and campus practices and operations.

Starting on Feb. 20th, There are weekly meetings on Wednesdays from 6pm-7pm at the Student Center, initially meeting at the West Lounge. It's an open forum for students to voice concerns and hear updates to learn about happenings on and off-campus regarding the environment.

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Sexual Assault Committee


The purpose of the Sexual Assault Awareness Committee is to educate the student body on sexual assault, as well as supporting survivors of sexual assault and providing open environments for them to speak out.


a. The Sexual Assault Awareness shall be chaired by the Diversity & Inclusion Senator.

b. The Sexual Assault Awareness Committee will require the following representatives: a Senate Delegate, an Executive Delegate , and the Diversity & Inclusion Senator.

c. The Sexual Assault Awareness Committee will also require attendance of the Title IX Deputy Coordinator, Campus Sexual Assault advocate, RHA, UPD, Athletics, a Sorority / Fraternity Representative, and community members (i.e Monterey Rape Crisis Center).