Basic Needs Internship

Maddy Maurer and Joanna Iwata at a Food Pantry event pic

Joanna Iwata (left) and Maddy Maurer (right) at an AS Food Pantry event during Fall '18.

Hi Otters! My name is Maddy Maurer and I am your Associated Students Basic Needs Senator. AS is your student government at CSUMB. We host events, offer services to students, and advocate for student interests on committees across campus.

We are looking for dedicated students to join our team as basic needs interns. This is your chance to get involved, help fellow students, gain experience to put on your resumé, and learn more about basic needs!

Please read through the information below if you’re interested in applying, and don’t hesitate to e-mail me if you have any questions! You can also schedule a meeting with me during my office hours if you’d prefer to meet in person.
Apply for the basic needs internship

Application Timeline

Name of Event Time and Location
Application opens Monday 12/10 11:59pm
Priority deadline Monday 12/17 11:59pm
Final deadline *Sunday 1/13 11:59pm
Finalists notified via e-mail Friday 1/4 11:59pm
Google Hangout interviews Monday 1/7 through Friday 1/11
Accepted interns notified via e-mail Monday 1/14 11:59pm
Mandatory orientation meeting Thursday 1/24 3:30-5pm at the AS Office

*Final deadline has been extended to Sunday, Jan. 13th due to technical difficulties.

Basic Needs Overview

Basic Needs refers to the food, housing and overall wellness security of our community. Having one’s basic needs met has a direct impact on the academic performance, mental health, physical health, professional development and holistic wellbeing of our students.

Please take some time to explore additional basic needs resources at

Basic Needs Intern responsibilities

AS Basic Needs Interns will shadow the current AS Basic Needs Senator at events and meetings. They will also attend weekly meetings where they will learn: what basic needs are, what our campus is doing to address basic needs, how to refer students to our campus Care Team, how to help students sign up for CalFresh, how to organize and host an AS Food Pantry.

Interns will also work closely with the AS Basic Needs Senator and the Care Team Manager to expand our current proposal for a permanent space for a Food Pantry on campus.

Interns will also work on one of AS’ newest programs, the AS Toiletry Pantry.

Time commitment

AS Basic Needs Interns are asked to attend weekly 1.5 hour meetings. These meetings will most likely be held on Thursdays from 3:30-5pm, but the days and times may change based on accepted applicants’ availability.

Interns will also be asked to attend CSUMB Basic Needs Committee meetings, which are the first Friday of every month from 8:30-10am.

Interns are also required to attend all AS Food Pantries for training. An official schedule for Spring 2019 will be available at shortly.

Interns will also be asked to attend a monthly inventory recording session for the AS Toiletry Pantry. Inventory sessions are typically half an hour long.

Application requirements

All applicants are required to have at least a 2.0 GPA and must not be graduating in Spring 2019.


Although the AS Basic Needs Internship is unpaid, students will gain many other benefits.

AS Basic Needs Interns will be fully trained on what it takes to be an AS Basic Needs Senator, giving them a distinct advantage if they decide to run for the position in the 2019-2020 AS Election cycle. The AS Basic Needs Senator gets paid a monthly stipend.

AS is also in the process of creating a Student Assistant position focused entirely on the AS Food and Toiletry Pantries. AS Basic Needs Interns who apply will be given extra consideration and top priority. Student Assistants are paid an hourly wage.

All AS Basic Needs Interns who complete the entire program from January until May, will also receive a letter of recommendation from the AS Basic Needs Senator.

Additional questions

If you have additional questions, please email Maddy Maurer at

Don’t forget to stop by the drop-in informational on Monday 12/10 from 3:30-5:30pm in the AS Office, Student Center Room 125, if you’d prefer to ask questions in person.