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First Friday in March - Create and Celebrate!

March 6, 2020


CSUMB at Salinas City Center


Grand Opening of 'Beautiful Evidence'




The free exhibition runs from 5:00 - 8:30 pm at CSUMB Salinas City Center, 1 Main Street, Salinas. All refreshments and activities are free. All exhibition materials are in English and Spanish. The presentations are at 6 pm.

Created by the students of Dr. Judith E Canner, (Associate Professor of Statistics, Statistics Program Coordinator, Mathematics and Statistics Department of California State University, Monterey Bay) Beautiful Evidence is an exhibition of data visualization, or graphic representations of information.

Dr. Canner states, "These are projects developed to tell a story about a topic that the students found interesting or meaningful. The students had to provide visualizations of information to tell a story to an audience. While there are statistical foundations and theories that abound in visualizing data, there is also art and creativity. The goal is to balance method and creativity, geometry and aesthetics, to create a compelling and engaging piece of evidence."

The information the students interpret is diverse and wonderful. It includes:

  • Data about the behavior of New York City Squirrels by Kourtney Burger and Krissi Alari
  • Interpretations of the Lives of Rock Kelp Fish by Kameron Strickland
  • An accounting of the features of the televised paintings of Boss Ross by Brianna Cabrera

Have questions? Dr. Canner and her students will be there to present the exhibition and related digital works at the event.

Salinas Center for Arts & Culture