Program Overview

The Applied Marine & Watershed Science MS program will soon become the Environmental Science MS program starting in Academic Year 2018 - 2019!

The Environmental Science MS program (formerly Applied Marine and Watershed Science ) is an innovative interdisciplinary program offering training in applied science and technology in the context of environmental policy and management.

The Environmental Science MS program offers several options that allow students to customize their coursework based on their career goals:

The Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Track culminates in a professional internship and the Thesis Track culminates in a thesis dissertation.

The Environmental Science MS program prepares students for careers in applied scientific research, environmental resource management, environmental consulting, industry, non-profit agencies, environmental education, and further education in doctoral programs.

Our graduates enter the workforce with highly marketable and competitive skills. Our leading-edge curriculum nurtures our students’ talents and provides them with the best tools and transferable skills to land fulfilling positions in research, resource management, education, policy, and other high-impact careers.