Board of Directors


California State University, Monterey Bay’s (CSUMB) Alumni Association provides opportunities for alumni to remain engaged, connected and give back to current and future students of CSUMB. The Alumni Association works to continue CSUMB’s vision statement by supporting the success of our alumni and students.

The Alumni Association Board of Directors and Alumni Committees work to continue the vision of CSUMB through opportunities for alumni to remain engaged, connected, and give back to current and future students.


Executive committee

no  available- john scalla

John Scalla


TMAC 2005

Bobby Quiñonez

Bobby Quiñonez


ESSP 2003

Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy

Financial officer

TMAC 2005

Blanca Melchor

Blanca Melchor


Human Communication 2006


No  available

Zoe Carter

Integrated Studies 2010

Nicole Charles

Nicole Charles

Human Communication 2009

James Marquez

James Marquez

Human Communication 2010

no  available- Jason Nelson

Jason Nelson

TMAC 2002

no  available- Israel Nery

Israel Nery

Business 2009

Kellsy Panno

Kellsy Panno

Business 2010

No  available - Edna Smith

Edna Smith

MBA 2016

no  available- brent taylor

Brent Taylor

Business 2016

Toby Uptain Villa

Toby Uptain Villa

Human Communication 2014

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Applications for the 2018-19 Board of Directors are open starting in May 2018. Please contact Annie Warr at with questions.


The Board of Directors is always looking for volunteers to help with events throughout the year! Please contact Sarah Boos at for more information.


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