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Athletics logo

The offical athletics logo combines our name and the traditional otter logo from 1997.

Use of the athletics logo is strictly controlled by Otter Athletics but is available for any NCAA team, teams that report to the Sports Club Council, CSUMB Intramural teams, CSUMB Outdoor Recreation and Student Activities & Leadership Development.

Additionally, the CSUMB Bookstore has full access and use of the athletics logo for merchandise and apparel.


The full athletics logo is the otter head over the letters CSUMB, with MB in gold.

full athletics logo, with Otter head and CSUMB

Additionally, uniforms and apparel will sometimes just use the MB in gold as the defining mark, either by itself or as part of the script "CSUMB".

CSUMB on vests
Note the full "CSUMB" on the vests of these Outdoor Recreation staff.

Up front rule

All three instances of the elements described above will suffice in following the up front rule for external communications.

  • full athletics logo
  • CSUMB logo (derivative of the full athletics logo)
  • MB logo (derivative of the full athletics logo)

This is key in identifying an individual as a team member or fan of any sports team or group who recreates, practices or plays off-campus.

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