Fort Ord land use facts

Water supply

All organizations and housing on the former Fort Ord receive water from a water supply system the Army developed and used when Ford Ord was an active Army base. The Marina Coast Water District now operates this system.


During its years of operation, Fort Ord functioned much like a small city with its own fire department, police, water supply, and garbage disposal. Garbage was disposed of in a landfill, located near the corner of Imjin and Abrams roads.


Fort Ord served as a training and staging facility for the U.S. Army from 1917 to 1994. This included training infantrymen in the use of a variety of military munitions.

Prescribed burns

The Army normally lights one or two prescribed burns – carefully managed fires – on Fort Ord land each year to burn off vegetation. That allows technicians to safely enter and clean up areas where there could still be munitions and explosives.