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The Innovators

Below are stories of people who made a difference on and off our campus in ways we never imagined.

  • Theresa Dexter

    A former foster youth, Theresa Dexter set up a personal care pantry for Guardian Scholars because she recognized they were missing a key partner.

  • Otters with Vision

    Five of our alumni entrepreneurs – Juan Perez, Mac Clemmens, Chelsea Bell, Vincent Suich and Rafael Zamora – took valuable skill sets learned at CSUMB and charted their own course. The businesses are successful, each with a unique impact on their communities.

  • Lisa Fortier

    Lisa Fortier is the long-time head coach of Gonzaga University's women's basketball team, but she credits her time playing for CSUMB as invaluable.

  • Mary Ann Ebner

    Mary Ann Ebner said yes to a novel idea for recreation. Two decades later it produced national champions.

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