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Beginning the Fall semester of 2019, we will have completed twenty five years as an institution.

images of our history from 1994 to 2019


We will celebrate our "silver jubilee" throughout our academic year starting in Fall 2019 and continuing through commencement in Spring 2020.


We will incorporate our celebration into existing events on-campus as well as plan for events off-campus with our surrounding community.


Honoring the past. Serving the future.

Since 1917, men and women of the United States Army served their country at Fort Ord.

In 1994, we continued a tradition of service by making it part of our DNA in our Founding Vision Statement.

We see ourselves as "stewards of place," providing service to our region, state, country and world.


The Founders

Our founders were determined to build a university in a way others hadn't considered in the past.

The Visionaries

Our success is because key stakeholders saw our future when everyone else could not.

The Innovators

Our students and staff have brought a spirit of innovation to campus as well as sharing it with the world.


On August 29, 1994: "Hank Hendrickson, Executive Dean of CSUMB, is finally able to record the deed at the Monterey County Recorder's Office in Salinas…” We became “the legal owner of the property, and work on the buildings can begin."

meeting of founding staff at CSUMB
Hank Hendrickson (third from the left) next to Founding President Peter Smith (standing) at the old Hilby Avenue office in Seaside.