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Why Give?


Did you know that last year 1 in 3 people in Monterey County utilized the services of United Way and affiliated non-profit agencies? Employees can elect to give to any non-profit of their choice if they prefer - even the CSUMB Foundation. Working closely with United Way doesn’t just benefit those in need, it benefits us all.

CSUMB had a wonderful opportunity to host the United Way regional Kick-Off Breakfast on campus at the University Center Ballroom, featuring our own student and staff member, Claudia Vasquez, who benefited from a United Way scholarship.

Last year our campus raised over $16,695 for non-profits in Monterey County and had a 13% participation rate – this is the 4th highest participation rate in the CSU system, though we are the 4th smallest of the 23 campuses. This year we want to raise $20,000 and have a 20% participation rate, but we can’t do it without your support and encouragement.

Your gift will not only make you feel good, it also shows the public that we at CSUMB care and are committed to making our community stronger...together.

Should I designate the United Way of Monterey County or my own nonprofit(s)?

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CSECC partners with the United Way to administer the state annual campaign.  The Donor Resource Guide provides details about the program and partnering orgranizations.  We each have the option of designating our gift go to either the United Way of Monterey County or our own favorite non-profit(s).

Designating the United Way

The United Way brings together a network of 37 certified partner agencies to address complex issues. Donations support all partner agencies and stay in the county. Help ensure that someone you may know gets the help they need, including:

  • 2-1-1 - responded to 19,883 calls for service generating 42,038 referrals.

  • Earn it! Keep it! $ave it! - a free tax preparation services resulting in $2 million of additional income county residents.

  • Family Wize Prescription Drug Program - discount program saved over $1 million to county residents (saved average of 34% per prescription).

  • Emergency Food and Shelter Program - provided $267,112 to help local families and individuals meet basic needs.

 List of LOCAL non-profits organizations supported by your donation:
• Alliance on Aging
• Boy Scouts, Monterey Bay Council
• Catholoic Charities
• Central Coast Center for Independent Living
• Central Coat HIV/AIDS Services
• Community Human Serivces
• Community Partnership for Youth
• Door to Hope
• Dorothy’s Place
• Food Bank of Monterey County
• Foster Grandparents Program
• Gateway Center
• Girls Scouts of the Central Coast
• Hope Services
• Housing resource Center of Monterey County
• Interim, Inc.
• Legal Services for Seniors
• Meals on Wheels of the Monterey Peninsula
• Meals on Wheels of the Salinas Valley
• Monterey County Rape Crisis Center
• Rancho Cielo Youth Campus
• Reading is Fundamental
• Restorative Justice Partners, Inc.
• Salvation Army Extension
• Salvation Army Monterey Peninsula Corp
• Second Chance Youth & Family Program
• Shelter Outreach Plus
• Suicide Prevention of the Central Coast
• Sunrise House
• Sun Street Centers
• Turning Poiint
• Voices for Children (CASA)
• YMCA Monterey Peninsula
• YMCS Salinas Community
• YMCA outh County
• YMCA Monterey County
Designate a specific nonprofit(s):

Do you support a local school, animal shelter or community services organization and want to make sure your donation goes directly to them? Would you like to make your donation to the Foundation of CSUMB. You can!

Find the organization name and code from the CSECC List of Non-Profits or write in the name and address of the organization in Item G of the pledge form.

A minimum of $5.00 per designated nonprofit per month is required for this option.

The CSECC Pledge Form

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CA Government Code (Section 13923) requires that each State employee be provided a pledge form  giving each employee the opportunity to make a one time donation or to make monthly donations through payroll deduction. All forms (even if you decline) are due Monday, October 21 to Jeannie Lopez, Administration Building.

Summary of Instructions:

Continue Existing Contribution (no changes from last year):

  • Check Box E.

  • Sign and date Item F (no SSN Needed).

Make a NEW contribution:

  • Check Box A, enter SSN on top of the form, enter XXX in Box 5 and then complete Box 6 (PCFD*) and enter monthly contribution amount.

  • Sign and date Item F.

Change a contribution amount or designee:

  • Changing your donation deletes any previous designations and is like starting all over.

  • Enter SSN on top of the form.

  • Check Box B and complete Box 6 (PCFD*), and enter monthly contribution amount.

  • Sign and date Item F.

* To designate a specific nonprofit (and not the United Way of Monterey County (036), check Box G (instead of Box F) and complete requested information about the organization(s) and your monthly contribution amount.

Stop Contributions:

  • Check Box C.

  • Enter SSN on top of the form and sign and date Item F.

Decline to make a contribution:

  • Check Box H and initial form (No SSN needed).

  • Return form to the department coordinator.

More Information & Links:

  • Minimum donation for new donors is $5.00 (one time or monthly).

  • Donation amounts are deducted monthly on a pre-tax basis from your state paycheck.

  • Your social security number is required by the state controller's office in order to accurately (the SSN is your State ID) make the payroll deduction. All completed forms are handled to ensure that the confidentiality of your personal information is maintained at all times.

  • If you wish to cancel your donation at any time, please complete and mail a Cancel My Donation Letter to:

State Controller’s Office
PPSD Payroll Operations
Miscellaneous Deduction Unit
P.O. Box 942850
Sacramento, CA 94250-5878

  • If your deductions haven't stopped, even after sending the "Cancel My Donation Letter", please contact your payroll technician for help.

  • It is not possible to receive a refund from a payroll deduction. Please review the procedures for completing the pledge form carefully before turning it in.

Have more questions? Please contact your CSECC Department Coordinator or one of the CSUMB Coordinators (Caroline Haskell (x3989) or April Lee (x3532).

Please contact the State Donor Resource Line (888) TO-DO-GOOD (888-863-6466) for campaign related assistance including:

  • If your deductions haven't stopped, even after sending the "Cancel My Donation Letter," please contact your payroll technician for help.
  • Questions about unintentional payroll deductions. 


California State Employees Charitable Campaign (CSECC)

Pledge Form and list of Participating Organizations - (writeable form)

FAQ's (from State)



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